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That’s what you do.

Back then, we were like, “Oh well, that will be almost ten months later.” Still a lot of time to go. We would take it easy, and not break a sweat at the mention of it.

And what do you know? It has been close to eight months now, and still counting. We anticipate the arrival of what we deemed the most beautiful thing to ever happen to the family.

Things are changing, ever so slightly. Prior to this, there was not any need for me to enter the babies’ department in shopping centres. Then there were the short trips to the maternity and motherhood sections. Emails with links to baby and pregnancy websites. The other day I caught myself marveling at some of the toys that would entertain a playful toddler. I look around the house now and notice relatively big boxes taking up space in the corner of the room, with words such as ‘Bath Station’ or a bassinet, imprinted on it in colourful characters.

I looked on in wonder as I watched my brother dutifully assemble the baby carriage. I cannot help but smile when he puts a hand over his wife’s stomach and lovingly caresses it, as though he could actually feel the little guy inside. You know, like what you normally see in television serials and advertisments. But those were only play-acting. Watching something similar to that happening right in front of you tends to make you feel like you are fluttering in the air for a brief moment. Almost like a miracle waiting to happen.

Then the words from the parents.

“Gosh, look at the gadgets they have these days.. back then there was not anything like that!”
Aiyah, waste money only… last time the things we buy for you were all simple-simple only…”
“Hey, I racked through my brains to come up with this name for the baby!”

Also inevitable: the teasings from relatives and polite inquiries from friends.

I wonder if I should have him call me ‘Aunty’. Alternately, it would be a bit strange telling others that I have a, well…, a nephew.

I think there is excitement in the air, already.

Then again, I get excited in trivial things; such as realising that my housemate is currently watching this particular Hong Kong television serial – which I watched for a few episodes when I was in Hong Kong last December. And also because my favourite actor is in it, thus it makes me feel like joining her in a mini marathon of our own. The only exception is that lately, it has been extremely difficult to find time for myself. As you can see now, I find it hard to even post up a decent entry in a week here.

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