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They never left.

They never left.

I know, I know. You may have heard it a couple of times elsewhere, but I cannot help but mark this observation aloud.

It is March, already! Things seem to have progressed in an insanely fast pace, and there is less than a month left to go, before the term ends.

As if that were not enough, I found myself browsing through the Internet, doing Google searches on websites to my previous schools. It came about when I was surfing for local special education schools as part of a project. Apparently it is a new ministry directive – one which I was not aware of until only recently – to have each school build and maintain their website on the Internet, as part of the ongoing efforts to encourage students to utilise computers in the information technology era.

Speaking from a (wannabe) designer’s point of view, the websites do need a lot of work, but oh well, it does not matter. I was once guilty of all those mistakes too. One of my pet peeves involve websites that have corny and unstoppable midi songs playing merrily in the background, but anyway…

The buildings looked quite the same, although with a significantly newer coat of paint. I had a look at the school’s organisation chart, and yikes – a new headmistress! New assistant or penolong kanan HEM! A handful of teachers promoted to a higher position in the school. Click, click, click. Wondering where did some of the teachers disappeared to. Recognising the names of former teachers, ones who have slaved through (and still continue) to ensure that we get good results for the public examinations. Ones that I still continue to respect and ocassionally think of, every now and then, wondering about their general well-being.

The memories that rushed back to my mind were almost frightening, in a way or two. Names of former teachers and certain events swirled around in my brain. For a moment, there was some sort of a thrill in reading and recognising familiar faces and names. And I was not really sure what to do with it.

Or maybe there is some good in letting bygones be bygones.

So have you googled for your previous schools today? Do that, and you will be surprised at the results, which will also double as a quick drivethrough back to your yesteryears. Well, sort of.

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