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On keydown me, go to sleep.

On keydown me, go to sleep.

I harboured hateful thoughts for more than half of today. My friends used to say that it was hard to get me angry, for I would easily shrug and smile it off. Today, the negative thoughts kept swirling about in my mind as I recalled the day’s events, and I kept countering them with silent curses.

I cannot believe that I actually hate her, now. Is it even possible to hate a friend? Somehow it sounds like some sort of a lame oxymoron, if that were possible. The line between dislike and hatred has blurred.

I doubt she knows how unhappy I am with her. Not that I have any plans to tell her, anyway. If that were to happen, we would soon become enemies, and I would not want that. Probably I should just continue to avoid her whenever I can, and let my anger gradually subside. I still treat her as a friend – but has anyone ever heard, or even wants to have a friend that you would want to hate?

Therefore, from now on, you people can stay a safe distance away from me, should you feel that I will soon morph into an angst-ridden monster with unruly jet black hair, who also happens to – surprise, surprise – has a blog.

Meanwhile, I have trouble developing the game for my project. One of those times when I feel like giving myself a kick for not having bought a “Director for Dummies” book. Perhaps, better still, the “Director Bible” that runs up to a whopping 1006 pages.

And yep, this layout was something I whipped out earlier today, because I was close to punching a hole in the monitor due to my Lingo scripting inability – and also because I did not like the relatively old grey layout I had constructed for usage this month. As always, problems, criticisms – throw ‘em over. Unless you are afraid of me, already.

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