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Stay inside of you.

Stay inside of you.

That, having not checked the mailbox for a week. It was my very first email account, which, sadly, is now solely dedicated to spam.

Felt increasingly better, having finished up a major project and successfully submitted it to the lecturers today. I feel like I can now go back to my normal routine of having at least some time off in a day, instead of working on the project day by day, trying to figure out why things fail to work out the way they should. Goodbye Lingo scripts. Hello regular life. At least until my industrial training starts next month.

Then, while watching the other students presenting their work, I came upon a disturbing revelation from a few of my coursemates seated beside me, who were having a conversation of their own. Not that I was eavesdropping, but it is hard to avoid hearing a word or two when we are within a close distance from each other.

“Nice work you’ve got there.. how did you ever manage to create so many games for your project? You must be really good in scripting!” one marvelled, after her friend was done with the presentation.

“Haha.. I’m hopeless in scripting – I got my boyfriend to help me out. He can work it all out just by reading the tutorials and scripting books!” came the almost unabashed reply.

Okay, so I spent days attempting to get things to work properly, scouting for tutorials and doing multiple searches on Google. My weekends were dedicated to long hours in front of the computer, working furiously on my project when I should be spending some time with the family. My mother steals a glance or two when I work on the project, and I always return her with a ‘do-not-disturb’ glare. Plus, I whine to her when things do not turn out right. She finds it amusing, though.

Hey, was I being stupid for not having a boyfriend, or a really good buddy, to do all my work for me? Wait – who is being stupid, actually?

What I cannot fathom, is the fact that some people can resort to taking advantage of others without batting even an eyelid. Actually, it hits me as well because of The Friend (refer a few previous entries) that had asked me for help in her work and given me empty promises – but at least those did not involve academic work.

Honestly, I will not be able to take it if a friend gets the credit and good grades because of my work. I have heard of these situations – but always from the grapevine. I almost flipped upon hearing the ‘confession’ with my own ears. It was a major project, for goodness sake. Then again, things like this do happen regularly.

Oh well, at least I can loudly proclaim to others (who would want to listen?) that I did it on my own. I am satisfied and pleased with what I had achieved. It is something that I can rightfully call mine.

Perhaps I should have rewarded myself with a ticket to attend the Incubus concert tonight.

On air now: Talk Shows On Mute, Incubus

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