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They will feed us to the sharks.

They will feed us to the sharks.

Hm, there were a couple of :o when I mentioned that I did not go to the Incubus concert last night. Yep, so I missed that valuable opportunity, and could only name a few lame excuses for it. Of course, it is quite difficult to get me to budge from my seat unless someone invents those transporting zapping thingamajigs as seen in Star Trek. Beam me up, Scotty.

Have I ever mention that I watch Star Trek?

Actually, I do not – not really – so you can breathe easier. Just snippets of the series every now and then, though.

Anyway, I did not go to the concert, but the band figured prominently in my music playlist last night. The fact is, I do not have favourite bands anymore. I now merely describe them as ‘music I listen to’, and not surprisingly, the list just goes on and on, winding down the corner and into a small black dot in the distance. In pixels.

Apparently I fall in love with new music easily. Latest obsession: Starsailor’s Silence Is Easy album.

I just might attend a Coldplay concert if ever there is one in Malaysia. I am still curious of the inclusion of Malaysia in the International page of the band’s website – which is empty in content, actually. For now.

But we do know that sometimes nothings amount to somethings, do we not?

I do miss listening to new music. I look at the Billboard charts every week – and almost eight out of the top ten songs in the singles chart are of the R&B genre, with ‘artistes featuring artistes’ types. Sigh. It will pass, perhaps.

On another note, I think my room is just plain infested with mosquitos. I tend to smack blindly, or attempt to trap the thing in my palm – only to somehow have it fly out confusedly when I slowly unclench my fist.

On air now: Talk Shows On Mute, Incubus

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