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“Frankly, I’m taking some time out from… time out,” says Will, albeit a bit awkwardly (not verbatim – times like these I wish I have the DVD to the movie already). Who would not? It may sound odd, but it certainly is not impossible.

Why, I wish I could do that, too.

Wonderful. Blue skies, cool breeze, swaying trees, clear ponds, abundant greens – the only thing that was missing was, me. I just could not fit into that picture just yet.

Let us see. It is now June. Gasp.

Wow, I made it at my new workplace for one whole month. Perhaps I will tell you how I lasted only one day in another company at a later time. A time when I will be able to look back and laugh at myself for coming to such a decision. Gasp again.

But I did not regret that. That job simply was not cut out for me. For a few days, however, I must have walked around with the word ‘loser’ plastered on my forehead.

No point.

In any case, the boss resigned on Monday; my immediate supervisor was on leave for two weeks. I was all alone to fend for myself last week.

No, it was not nice. I was trying to be a little speck of nothing; unseen, and unheard. Most of my attempts failed, though. I was enlisted to help out Mr. Intimidator in a few things. I wish to have nothing else to do with him. But I did my job. That is what matters.

Seriously, I wonder how long it will take for me to get burned out. I am dancing just a little away from the tickling flames. They threaten, mock, and tease. But that little is still a safe distance away.

Then when better recruitment offers come along, my mind wanders again to the what-ifs.

Is this always the case when one has got a new job? How would you know that you have already settled down for good? When can you come to a point where you can confidently decline job interview invitations, although it might lead to better career prospects? When will your decision not be swayed by the slightest thing, or the conflicting voices in your head?

If I were in a cartoon, there would be a million question marks hovering above my head. Blink, blink.

So I concentrated my mind to ring only the tunes of tracks one and three. If at first my enthusiasm was ”!!!!” upon hearing those tracks, it waned to a ”...” when it came to the relatively slower songs – but having looped the tracks, it slowly picked up to a ”~~~” later.

Those symbols do not convey much, do they?

As long as some of the tracks can make me tap on my keyboard like a novice drummer, I will be content. I do not do headbangs.

Yes, it takes some effort to like the new letters. We get no X no Y; not all the time. But it is okay; I had the same trouble with the previous one as well. It certainly was not that much of a rush of blood to the head at first, that one…

Not bad for everyone’s favourite and popular indie rock band, but I wonder how did they ever become an oxymoron?

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