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She's riding up to heaven.

She’s riding up to heaven.

I did not realise that I would place so much emphasis on a well-known brand, an established name recognised by almost everyone. Probably frequent shoppers would be able to relate to that, sometimes having to decide between Morgan and Moschino; Adidas and Nike. Or you would steer away heading to Domino’s Pizza instead of the Pizza Hut located right in front of you. Then again, those names were powerful enough just standing on its own. You do not even need to resort to making comparisons between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Kampung Fried Chicken, to know which one would draw more crowds.

Honestly, I thought I would not care much about this matter.

But I think I do, now. Or maybe it was because I have to, because it would no doubt make future employers pay more attention to my resume.

Basically, it was enough to keep me thinking about it all day long, trying to come to a fruitful decision. And I do have a habit of making bad decisions.

Would you rather choose to do your internship at:

Company X
- whereby you are greeted with suspicious looks and rude ‘who-is-she’s, while you attempt to stuff your somehow detectable antenna behind your ears;
- with a group of colleagues your age, who also happen to think that they belong to the elite category;
- not having to brave the terrible morning crawl to get to the office, which is only ten minutes away from home;
- a loud and happening place full of activities;
- may or may not get to know more about the real working world;
- no need to pay for the parking and worry about having your car getting stolen;
- is an established name in the media industry;

or would you prefer to go to:

Company Y
- whereby you are to jump right into a real working environment of having a hard-to-please boss, but pleasant and uhm, more mature co-workers;
- has plans to include and bring you along to meetings with clients;
- is willing to lend you books so that you could improve yourself;
- not enough working computers;
- traveling everyday to the office located quite a distance away might prove a bit difficult;
- problems of securing a parking spot in a busy commercial centre;
- a relatively unknown name that however, still caters to rather well known clients.

A friend of mine advised me to make a wise decision – to choose whichever company that I think, I will be happy working at. Honestly speaking, I do prefer Company Y because I am certain that I would learn and gain a reasonable amount of experience and knowledge from there, since it is more of a typical company environment – but I shudder when it comes to the transportation part. Then again, it would be silly of me to let go of Company X, because almost everyone is dying to get a job there. A part of me also tells me to bear with Company X for four months, and in the process, try to have some fun there. After all, when you graduate from university for good and come out to the working world, you will undoubtedly be working furiously in a typical company environment that has bosses breathing fire and barking for deadlines every single day.

“Your friends are going to be sooooooo jealous that you got a job here!” the interviewer from Company X told me as he gave a playful slap on my knee. And I cannot help but agree with him.

Dilemma, dilemma. Or have I already somehow answered my own question?

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