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Halfway there.

Halfway there.

Good live albums are a sort of rarity.

When I first bought Sarah McLachlan’s Mirrorball a few years back, I did not realise it was an album containing songs sung live in concerts – however, it remains as one of my favourites (personally, I thought it was better than her latest album Fallen). Then again, artistes usually perform their best and most well-received songs in concerts.

Coldplay’s Live 2003 never fails to leave me in a joyous mood; as though I were in the crowd, waving and singing along madly to Chris Martin. The album launches you right into a concert-like atmosphere, which is truly magical and simply exciting. Top that up with the loud cheers, occasional shrieks, applause and phew… exhilarating. It becomes a case of ‘being there but not quite’ – and of course, there are usually more songs performed in concerts than the measely ten or twelve songs included in the albums…

Some songs sound better when played live – and differently, too, since they have to adapt to whatever feasible musical instruments they have, and not rely on synthesizers in recording studios. It probably drives the performers to a sense of perfection, avoiding obvious mistakes and out-of-tunes.

Still. Does anyone hear me? Bring Coldplay over, damn it. The website says that there will be no tour dates in 2004 though, since they are currently recording (hopefully) a new album.

On another note, I can never understand why lecturers here do not check their mails. You would think that a place of higher education that boasts a fairly overused word that suggests ‘the combined use of media’ and encourages the use of computers, would have no problems dealing with things as simple as this. Perhaps they do, but they could not be bothered to answer enquiries from students. That still defeats the purpose of having a valid email address, which is supposed to be a form of convenient and useful means of communication between two parties. How hard could it be, to just check the inbox, hit the ‘Reply’ button, type a few helpful words and click on ‘Send’?

After all, some of the lecturers here do not stay put in their rooms. You could pay countless visits, knock on the door a thousand times, pitch a tent outside, and there still will not be anyone popping their heads out to see you. It gets even more difficult if a lecturer has a habit of not receiving guests in his room. You would either need to rely on a crystal ball, send spies hidden behind pillars, and drop by regularly – preferbly every half hour – in order to catch him on the move and chase him down – all that, just to hand him an important piece of document.

So after one week of not getting any reply whatsoever from two lecturers that I have sent emails to regarding my internship matters, I am just going to wish that they did not receive it at all. I am feeling almost glad that I will be taking a break off this place for four months. I am sick of the dirty icky keyboards in the labs, facing the unhelpfully negative attitude, and eating the same food here, everyday. Thank goodness for weekends.

On air now: Moses, Coldplay

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