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Touching the shore.

Touching the shore.

Eating foodstuff has never felt so bad. Perhaps I would have to resort to having only porridge.

I cringed and shuddered upon biting on the orange. It now stings like crazy. Eating used to be a pleasure. Do we ever think twice about stuffing food into our mouths, feeding our empty stomachs? Not quite. The joys of indulging in a cool glass of cincau (grass jelly) drink, having an innocent plate of hot chicken curry – all gone. Now, I will have to eat and bite slowly, carefully, and heck – painfully – for the next few days, at least. It feels fairly odd to be utilising only one side of the mouth, though. I cannot even go through my normal teeth-brushing routine; neither can I, uhm, have a proper yawn.

“It hurts!” I whined to anyone who would bother to listen. They would only patiently tell me to apply the pain relieving gel that everyone is familiar with – Bonjela. I now have to resort to using Kenalog because the former seems to be doing nothing to ease the pain. After all, it had expired almost two years ago.

So yeah, this is the first time I have an ulcer in my mouth, and I am making a big fuss out of it. Sigh.

I feel that the smaller wound, the sharper the pain could get, sometimes. In fact, it is quite amazing, really, that a tiny wound could make some yelp in pain for the rest of the day – while some others chose (and can) walk around, mentally blocking the pain without feeling so much of a harmless prick off it. Then you give a little quiver at the pictures plastered on the newspapers during Thaipusam, and wonder how do those people managed to do it all, regardless of the many piercings, hooks, and whatnots on their bodies, parading for all to see. Looking at those pictures is already enough to send a shiver down your spine – what more to actually attempt such an act.

Then again, I survived having a bullet in my head and getting stabbed with a knife on my back – both in my dreams, of course.

How well can you handle pain? I am not sure if I would want to be a Mord-Sith (wow, they actually made dolls for the character!), though.

It reminds me – the local censorship board might be making headlines again – “Hellboy Banned – May Make Kids Want To Go To Hell.” Right. I think 2004 is another exciting year for movies – but it will never be the same as the previous year’s, of course.

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