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Wrapping it up.

Wrapping it up.

Well, it still hurts! Not that keen on using salt, yet.

With all the papers done with, I am now, sadly, only aiming for at least a pass. Gone were the days when a grade A is up for grabs. I always thought that I did enough – unfortunately, my ‘enough’ was not sufficient to help me answer the questions efficiently. The worst thing out of it all is that I cannot understand why the deteriorating grades. But when you notice that the other students started leaving the exam hall barely 45 minutes after the exam started, you would wonder about your own capabilities.

On another note, I just realised that two of my ex-schoolmates are working in the same company that I will be going for my internship next week. That does not sound like fun, at all. I doubt I will be able to post up a decent entry at least once a week then. Busy life.

Resident posted these questions in an email today:

1) How do you define Bangsa Malaysia?
2) What does Bangsa Malaysia mean to you? Does it affect you in any way?
3) What are the criteria, in your opinion, for a Bangsa Malaysia?
4) Do we need a Bangsa Malaysia?
5) Do you want a Bangsa Malaysia?
6) How do you think we can best achieve the creation of a Bangsa Malaysia?

Sorry, dude – I am afraid I cannot say much, since I am not that knowledgeable in this issue – not to mention having been influenced by the various feedback (190+ and counting) on Jeff Ooi’s entry. However, I do think that a Bangsa Malaysia is quite difficult to achieve – at the moment, at least. It would probably take years and years to change the mindset of the local people. So how do we start – by abolishing special bumiputera benefits and making away with SRJKs/SMJKs? That will definitely bring an uproar. Stop the stereotypical views on the other races? That probably contributes only about 0.5% to defeat the notion of a Bangsa Malaysia. It has been like that all along, and what we have been experiencing as we grow older. So what went wrong, and why can we not have it?

Perhaps we are already in too deep to turn back.

But if anyone has something to say, please do.

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