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“Meet up at the food court below TGV. A table in front of the escalators, next to the waffles stall.”

That was what I kept telling everybody. But when I got there -

“Where’s that damn waffles stall?!”

Crikey. The place has changed. The bookstore wasn’t there anymore; it had gone right down to settle beside a prominent music store – one that still failed to satisfy me (we seriously need a HMV here, for competition’s sake). I admit I have not been there for probably half a year at most, but goodness – I was not expecting change.

But we know that change is inevitable.

Fortunately, we still found each other at the appointed place, despite the absence of the said stall – which, as I recall, used to assail me with the aroma of delicious but overpriced golden waffles that come with two generous scoops of ice cream (or fruits, depending on your choice). I was reminded of the gatherings we had had there. This one adds to the list.

It was a bit odd to see everyone again. Only two months or so may have passed since we parted ways – but I wonder how it would be like if we are to meet up again. There were the regular gossips of who’s-doing-what, future plans, idle discussions. My humble suggestion of meeting up every six months was shot down instantaneously.

“Twice a year? Where can?”
“At least four times in a yearlah!”

I know for sure it will be difficult to get hold of everyone once we make the big leap into the real world. Yet if we do not make a move, we may end up seeing each other in half a decade or something. That could be worse.

“Oi! You married already ah? How come never invite wan?”
“Give me your business card – whoa, creative director already?”

I have absolutely lost contact with my ex-schoolmates.

But the friends I have made in university are the ones that I cannot afford to lose. Thank you for coming, you guys.

I wanna love you but I don’t know if I can.

And just because of those words, I love that damn song. It sticks to my mind like… like… a part of my brain cells, I guess.

On air now: The Hardest Part, Coldplay

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