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One hundred minutes.

One hundred minutes.

There was some talk about an exhibition featuring the senior students’ works being held in uni. It was never confirmed officially, so I had to throw questions every now and then, hoping to have a definite answer. A lecturer personally promised me that he would put up a notice on the online bulletin board providing information about it.

But that was almost two weeks ago. There was still no sign of any formal message regarding the exhibition as of yesterday, although there was news about it was circulated via Yahoo! Messenger a few days back. Now, I am not the type who can easily rely on word from the grapevine. A supposedly important and formal matter such as this is better off announced officially, rather than leaving students in the dark and have them play the guessing game. Some may be inclined to believe the messages from the Yahoo! messaging client – which may be created by just about anyone – but I have always felt safer reading news from ‘reliable and official sources’.

I was expecting that the exhibition should be already moving with full speed ahead, since I was told that the exhibition had started on Monday. There was no indication on where the exhibition was supposed to be held. No signboards, no welcoming note – nothing. If I had not ask a friend earlier, I would not have known, either. I stepped into the studio, and had to exit in less than half an hour.

I was terribly disappointed. I endured a forty-minute ride back to uni, even having to take a day off from work – only to see an incomplete exhibition. The computers, which would supposedly show the students’ works, were not switched on for visitors. Some students were still working on getting various artworks up for display. I left around 2pm – but a friend who was present for the opening ceremony an hour later apparently liked what she saw. I certainly do not see the point of starting the exhibition four days ago, since things can only be completed for the opening ceremony, which is today. I got back home and checked the bulletin board – still no announcement about it, today. Imagine that.

From previous experiences, it has always been a norm to have the administrative and faculty staff procrastinate and do things slower than a snail’s pace. You would need to have to nail instructions straight into their heads; tattoo it onto their arms; pay them countless visits to the extent that they can recognise you even from afar – only then would they take action promptly and hopefully, efficiently.

I wish they would just stop wasting my time and giving me empty promises.

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