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Would you like to leave a message?

Would you like to leave a message?

Enough of getting spam. Apparently I now have ‘allegedly’ sent out a few vicious email containing viruses (at least I suspect so, I am not inclined to download the attachments) to myself – and goodness knows how many innocent, unassuming people out there. It feels totally helpless seeing your email address under the column labeled “Sender” in the bulk mail folder.

I hope that it ends up in the bulk mail folder of most of its recipients – because that was where I discovered that the email have been originating from my own email address. Perhaps people would have known by now that I do not simply send out email with titles such as “Hi!” or “Hey you!” with dubious attachments. Whatever it is, I wish to make it clear that I do not send out email unless necessarily important. Heck, it may surprise (or even amuse) you to know that I do not regularly exchange email with others.

It was my most unpolluted email address – but obviously, my efforts in ensuring it going entirely spam-free has not been working out anyway.

So I now sit in the office, listening to an oldies-playing radio station and having no inkling on how to switch to another station. There has been Bee Gees, ABBA, and Michael Jackson, and every other minute things seem to get stranger as people stroll by quickly in front of me, sometimes peering in curiously through the glass, the sky turning darker outside. Toying with a loose thread from my jeans, I still wonder if I made the right decision in coming here. I do not believe I am well-liked here, but I guess I will survive. With no one about, I have resorted to finding ways to switch off the air-conditioning, read blogs, and continue drawing inspirations from browsing through various design portals and websites – something I have not been doing lately. It can easily be classified as ‘design research’ of some sort.

I visited the website of Company Y yesterday – the other company of my choice – and was feeling almost envious and dejected on my absence in their big client projects. They are of a close-knitted kind, and I somehow miss them already, although I was there only twice for interviews.

Also, I should stop writing ‘emails’ when email is already enough to denote a plural.

For the umpteenth time I just cannot resist asking myself again: what the heck am I doing here?

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