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Moving out.

Moving out.

The cashier had fail to return nine cents, for he had only handed me one ringgit. I looked again at the receipt and yes, I was supposed to receive RM1.09 in return.

I left it at that. For a while, it sounded ridiculous to be asking for nine cents: “Excuse me, can I have my nine cents back?” Now that I think about it, perhaps it was not.

Some may scoff and think that I seemed to be getting all worked up over nine cents. Heck, what can you possibly buy with nine cents today? The coins might come in handy when used in supermarkets, though. Thing is, if this amount is multiplied by the number of customers frequenting the particular fast food restaurant, perhaps they would be able to achieve a little bit of profit from it all. I was reminded of the Malay saying, “Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit”.

I did look around, but my eyes did not manage to detect any notice saying that the unreturned money will be contributed to charity. It did not even have a plastic container with the usually bronze one cent coins filled to the brim, as demonstrated by a rival fast food restaurant. People would usually drop the balance from purchases made, consisting of a few coins – or if they feel like it, a few ringgit notes – into the container, which would eventually make its way to charity homes and organisations, into the hands of those who really need it.

Another possible explanation is that the cashier had (conveniently) forgotten to give me my nine cents. As simple as that.

I got even more irritated when I returned home to find that the regular-sized soft drinks that we ordered sans the ice, came in cups of a smaller size. Gee, they sure know how to save up on cups and drinks.

Do one cent coins mean much to you? Sure, it is money. Some may dismiss it as being a bit too heavy on a small purse, for instance. Others may pocket whatever amount of money coming their way, oblivious to the loud jingling sound of coins as they walk down the streets.

Perhaps I had thrown away that somewhat valuable nine cents after all. As a customer, I think it is normal that I feel disgruntled by this whole affair. It came about as a rather blatant display of dishonesty.

Then again, I wonder how long does it take for the plastic containers to be filled with coins.

On another note, Rantglass might be going down for a few days while I meddle around with the DNS changes, try to resolve the domain name transfer issue (which was, unfortunately, denied) and upload everything into the new server, along with a new layout to boot. Hosting is only by invitation at the moment: however, if you are in dire need of webspace, and think that you have got what it takes, you may try to apply. I give priority to budding writers, creative designers and photographers (yes, I am picky like that).

Until then, kindly access the website via rantglass.says.it if rantglass.insatiably.net does not work.

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