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I'm fine.

I’m fine.

Apparently it hardly helps being discreet and attempting to be unnoticeable in a relatively active environment. You would stick out like a sore thumb. A yellow toy ship swaying about in the rolling waves. A lone dandelion in the vast fields of green. And there I was, thinking it would be best if I would just continue doing what I do best – keeping to myself, as usual.

The most uncanny thing from the whole affair is that people actually know your name, although you would largely expect otherwise, since you would tend to keep everything to yourself and hide in the corner as frequent as possible. The saddest thing that pops up from it all, is that you do not know everybody else’s name. From random observations and unconscious eavesdropping, you could pick up a few names and nail them into your head, without looking at them and remembering their facial features. What follows might be a case of mix and match, as you try to make out which name belongs to whom – in your head.

That will basically be one of the things that might happen in a new location – be it a workplace or a classroom – especially if you belong to the introvert category, finding contentment in solitude. Honestly, I do not mind being alone – but it seems to be almost an uphill task trying to assure people that.

Of course, the first thing to ensure that people get the point, is to speak up.

But I am not quite there, yet.

Oops. Apparently Rantglass was down sooner than I expected. However, it was not as long as I thought it would turn out to be. I was envisioning at least three to five days of downtime – so I guess I am fairly satisfied, at the moment. Everything is back up again, and hopefully there will be no other obstructions for a while.

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