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Some people have it good.

Some people have it good.

Hundreds of websites sprouting up; millions downloading his audition tape; his name tattooed on everybody’s lips. I have never been caught up in the hype of all that is William Hung. In fact, I do not even tune in to American Idol. There is, however, a lot to be read about this unassuming young man who went on to become a star (or anti-star, as put by critics?), overnight.

It was the very first time I had to cringe upon listening to such badly sung songs – like a record player deliberately gone wrong. It was so out of tune, and somehow, it was a bit too difficult for my eardrums to handle. For a while, it seemed awfully comical; and some of the people who listened to his album promptly burst out laughing – but then you cannot help but wonder about the things that happened to him.

Some choose to degrade Hung profusely. Others pointed out that he serves to be an ‘inspiration’ to many, going to where none has dared to go before – what with such limited singing skills. I read the comments published on the newspaper, but I cannot bring myself to honestly believe that.

The next thing we know, we could have hundreds of Hung-wannabes, all set out to conquer the music charts although they do not have any ‘professional training’. But they succeeded because – oh, simply because they are brave enough and have the courage to do so. With that, we need no Fear Factor.

But guess what – he must be laughing his way to the bank – along with the other opportunistic parties who stuck with him anyway, banking on his accidental star value.

At this point, I do feel sorry for him. I think he is getting the attention for all the wrong reasons. However, he is providing an entertainment of sorts to others – so I guess he can still be aptly described as an entertainer.

Dreams are never meant to be that easy to be achieved. If it were, it would never be called that.

On another note – whoa. A ten-disc boxed DVD set just sounds so mind-blowing. It can be a feat that can only, possibly, be matched (or even outshined) by Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

However, these are only whispered words in the wind; and I doubt that anything has been put into paper yet. Still, it sounds like a very exciting project – if it were true, of course. The movie trilogy, Animatrix, loads of extra features and mini documentaries – all bundled up into one hell of a boxed DVD set. Sweet.

Who would not take the red pill just for that?

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