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We'd never know.

We’d never know.

I like clear blue skies.

There was not even a tiny lone cloud yesterday afternoon. It was a huge, beautiful splash of blue, stretching as far as the eyes could see. It would be easy to just lie down under a huge bough in the shade, stretch your legs, cross your arms behind your head, look up and listen to the birds sing to their hearts’ content; oblivious that they are lifting spirits and composing a certain degree of cheerfulness in the air (however, it also reminded me of the untimely demise of the bird that sang along to Princess Fiona in Shrek). The weather, I believe, has changed – from the previously frequent evening thunderstorms, along with the occasional yet destructive hailstones – to now, just – well, a perfectly blue sky. Unfortunately, you can also feel the contrasting temperatures whenever you step out from a blissfully air-conditioned office while heading home from work.

I like the way the stars twinkle at night.

They looked simply fabulous against the pitch black sky. I marveled at the sight and found myself absorbed with the many mysteries of the universe. I attempted counting the stars visible last night for the fun of it; but it was also relatively easy to be distracted by the beauty of it – the beauty of not being able to explain; to justify; to come up with an answer – or rather, answers. We could be mere specks of dust in this vast, infinite body of space. There could even be another inhabited planet similar to Earth’s, millions and millions of light years away. Space travel may not be impossible, but I am not sure if most of us would be able to live until the day when the sky is not the limit.

Some things, apparently, are just the way they are. No amount of explanation is necessary. Inexplicable.

Even with the long-winding, unnecessarily lengthy paragraphs above, I still could not fully explain why I was drawn to the clear blue skies, or why I love the way the stars twinkle at night.

In other developments – I just realized how eeriely big everything in Blogger is, now. The new look is quite interesting, but the graphics, text, and buttons – everything – is significantly larger. Still, there are loads of new nifty features accompanying the makeover – a commenting system, for instance – but I am pretty much settled and content with what I already have for Rantglass, at the moment.

Another reason, of course, is that I almost always meet change with hesitance. This sure needs some getting used to.

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