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In doubt.

In doubt.

In horizontal, long, loops.

I miss curling up in bed with a good, thick book that will have me reading until the final word of its concluding chapter comes into view.

I miss singing along to music that will never bore me to death despite hearing it for the 2167th time.

I miss the warm tingly sensations felt when the green codes run down the screen and materializes into letters that spell, “The Matrix”.

I miss indulging in lengthy yet casual conversations, and spending quality time with the family.

I miss having an absolutely untroubled mind, and not having to worry about anything at all.

As we grow older, however, significant parts of our lives has to be delegated and divided, in order to ensure that things will (hopefully) go smoothly. Bestowed with countless responsibilities and tasks, we strive to pay considerable attention to various different subjects that matter; issues that will eventually prove to be of utmost importance. Still, there will always be things that will be somehow forgotten, or neglected, to take into account.

We win some; and lose some. We simply cannot have it all. Would it be appropriate if you were labeled a selfish and self-centered individual whose only crime is, well, to want only the best for your own life, including the ones of those around you?

... I now shamefully realize that I cannot seem to find a fitting conclusion to the matter above. Not quite what I expected either, but oh well. These type of unanswered and uncertain questions are making my head throb on a bad day like today.

On another note, the sidebar to the right sadly proclaims, “No new music.” I feel terribly music-deprived, although I work in an environment that, well, plays music twenty four hours a day. A lot of new movies coming our shores, though, and I practically lost count of the number of movies I wanted to watch on the big screen – of course, I also could not locate a particularly ‘old’ entry that has my movies-to-watch list. One thing for sure; I will definitely want to watch Puss In Boots squeal in action.

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