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Sadly, this is getting somewhat sporadic for my liking. How did other people ever get the time to post an entry (two, or even three) daily?

At work, the table in front of me has this calendar. Whenever I plop down into my seat and pretend to be reading the news through the wires, Miranda smiles back at me. The words ‘Think like Miranda’ are displayed elegantly in script-type fonts, followed by a paragraph consisting of some ant-like words; possibly a description of Miranda herself.

I am tempted to have a look at the calendar, up close. Shall do so when most of the people are away.

You know, of all of the four girls, it has to be Miranda Hobbes.

What are the odds?

Okay, a one-in-four. But there are twelve pages. Still.

There is definitely something at hand here.

I see it every weekday, and it brings a smile to my face.

Well, besides the theme song from the television show playing from some guy’s mobile phone (which, unfortunately, is cut off abruptly whenever he answers the call) anyway.

Someday I am going to make away with that calendar. Maybe I will have it as a souvenir of sorts.

On another note: I did not want to believe it at first; but wow, I am more well-connected than I though. Shudder. Perhaps I shall start a show one day and call it, ‘The Six Degrees of Separation with Strizzt’.

On air now: Talk, Coldplay

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