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The blue button.

The blue button.

After a few long months, it popped into my head again. It was probably due to the fact that I had been kept busy for quite some time. It was buried deep within, and had not had the time nor space to resurface – until I got myself into a temporary and rather brief contemplation mode that ended almost as soon as it began.

Would you prefer to have one best friend – or a hundred friends?

Would you want to have someone who understands you perfectly, as natural as breathing – or someone who you choose to throw vague, ambiguous words to, because the last thing you need is for others to read your mind?

Would you rather spend time with the said best friend day in and day out – or go out with different groups of people all the time?

Would you be calculative and forever feel indebted to your best friend?

You can probably answer those questions without so much of a flicker of thought, if you really do have a very good friend who would stick with you through thick and thin.

During my schooldays, there were people listing down their ‘best friends’ and ‘special friends’ in their friends’ so-called ‘autograph’ books before parting ways every year. I can never seem to point out the difference between those two. In fact, is there really a fine line to determine the definitions to both? How can someone be ‘the best’ or prove to be ‘special’ to you?

We are not dictionaries, though. It may be for the best if the value and significance of friendship remains only as yours, and yours alone.

Additional notes: The Amazing Race 5 (July 6), Survivor 9: Vanuatu (September)

For some reason I am very drawn to this (a possible mini spoiler to Shrek 2). Very, very adorable – despite the fact that it stinks.

Constantine (set for a 2005 release) looks good as well, although I detected a Matrixy feel of some sort in its teaser trailer. A faint hint of green, and one particular shot that is reminiscent of the first Matrix movie. Keanu will also be starring in Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. Nice.

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