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Making it obscurely clear.

Making it obscurely clear.

While watching a movie:

The man in the taxi waved the lug wrench and toyed with the few bolts on his palm, as he looked on almost tauntingly at the lawyer driving opposite him in his silver Mercedes.

“Why does he do that? What does that mean?”

I was about to answer when the lawyer’s Mercedes then began to swerve dangerously as one of its front wheels came off.

“Why does he do that? Does he know he’s going to kill someone?”


While watching a well-known reality game show:

A burly man attempted to free himself from the chains tied around his body, after having pushed his face into a smelly bowl of rotten fish to retrieve the correct combination for the padlock.

“What is he doing? What are those things in the bowl? Why is he doing it so slow?”


While watching yet another well-known reality game show that just ended its run on local television:

Two lovebirds snuggled up close with each other.

“Don’t they know they are being filmed on camera? Not malu (shy)?”

“Duuuhh! Of course they do!” I cannot resist but answer almost acidly.

The tribal council was exceptionally heated with words of brutal honesty and possible straight-faced lies, with emotions running amazingly high.

“Why are they so fierce and angry wan?”

Since she was not a follower of the series, I had to give an explanation on how the situation came to be.

“So everyone lied to each other?” Well, not exactly. “Why do they hate him so much?” Sigh.

Why this, why that. Why, do I look like an encyclopedia to that friend of mine?

Look, my idea of watching the television is to not be bombarded with unnecessary questions. If you follow the movie well enough, you would be able to get the gist of it. Questions may arise in our minds as to why characters may perform certain actions, but hey – I am sure that the answers will be provided sooner or later.

Part of the fun of watching movies is to look for your own answers and explore by yourself, just so you can have your own interpretation of the story. That is what I have always believed in – and especially more so after I saw the green codes scroll down the screen for the first time.

Truth be told, though, I have never experienced being in that sort of situation whereby someone asks you questions on the movie as it progresses and develops, scene by scene, minute by minute. Therefore, I was very, very annoyed when thrown with these sort of questions. It happened too many a time for me to have to patiently provide her with the answers. One or two questions is absolutely fine – but not all the time. Are you watching the movie or not? Could you keep your questions to yourself and look for the answers, instead of voicing them out every now and then, out of the blue like that? Sometimes I keep quiet, pretending to not hear her. But I had to answer when she repeated them.

Then, I could not take it anymore. I told my friend nicely, “It’s a long story. Next time, watch the whole movie and you’ll understand. I cannot keep explaining to you.” She did keep quiet for the duration of the movie, but could have lost track of it when she resorted to flipping through the pages of a newspaper. I hope my words did not rub her the wrong way, though.

I may sound a bit too intelligent for my own good, instantly grasping all the symbolism, meanings, and purposes behind a movie. Well, surprise! I do not. In fact, not everyone has the hindsight for that. Come to think of it: I realize I may also have come across as a bit too harsh…

Perhaps her inquisitiveness is something to be applauded to, but really – she was severely ruining my movies by constantly searching for answers aloud. The last thing I need is to have my movie experience marred by incessant inquiries, as though I were the director or script writer. Well, have you gone to the theatres and have a person asking you every other question that crosses his or her mind? “Why does he still go on although he knows he is going to die? What does the white rabbit mean? Why did they not take the other road?”

Any questions, leave them until the credits roll. When the movie ends, it can then be aptly called a healthy movie discussion. Not during one.

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