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The five letters.

The five letters.

A very strange day.

Well, I did not stumble upon a green, pint-sized creature with three antennas. No one gave me a withered rose, or handed me a broken crystal shard. Neither did I juggle two yellow balls while skipping back and forth over a large monsoon drain.

Still, there was the constant feeling of zooming in and out of reality almost unconsciously. However, it also seems to make you float lightly while you were walking – and to set the record straight – no, I am absolutely not in love.

I think I know the reason why.

It definitely feels awkward to see the person who rescued you in your dreams, in real life. Feels as though you were still dreaming, although you are aware that you are not. There is still this faint trace of living a dream that I have not been able to shake off since this morning. It has been put on rewind and replayed way too many times in my mind that I am beginning to feel slightly afraid of what might come to happen if it would continue to be so.

This might turn out totally crazy if I dreamt that I, well, dreamt that dream. Probably the after effects of a green pill.

It was a lovely, indescribable feeling, all the same. Something I have not had before – or have not had for what had seemed like a very long time. It is always nice to indulge in your own fantasies, and not be startled out of your reverie; even for a while.

I love being dreamy.

But what I think I do need now, is a nice bowl of ice-cream. That could be what you might need too, should you feel that this has been one frustratingly confusing yet pointless entry (in a way, it is).

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