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Another distant appearance.

Another distant appearance.

What do you see?

Well, it is kind of hard to get back to life before the dream, but oh well.

It is always nice to note that the local blogging community is ever expanding, and thriving. I stumbled upon a few new ones and, well, sometimes it feels like reading a storybook – a good, well-written one, of course – and why not? It is a story of somebody else’s life. A peek into their daily routines, their lives, and their thoughts. We read, we see, we hear – and we respond.

Gone (or almost, anyway) were the days of “We had Geography, then Maths half an hour later, but I skipped PE lessons” type of writings. Not that I do not approve of those, but the last thing I needed was another type of ‘reporting’ after reading through the depressing news and headlines decorating the media everyday.

I do not really know what makes it good. Could it be the flawless English, decent grammar, and error-free spelling? The ability to attract and engage the reader to absorb all the words? The perfectly aligned tables with aesthetically pleasing colours and visuals to complement it? Or simply because the days are always filled with strange and bizarre events that deserve a documentation of their own?

I was mildly surprised when I realized that a few bloggers were seated right next to me in a cafe, just recently. I have been to two blog gatherings during the previous years; yet for all the thrills and excitement of putting a face into the many words churned out in cyberspace, I do not really fancy seeing myself in another one.

Hey, there is life to that other than blogging.

A friend phoned today, and we talked about our new ‘work lives’. Having not seen her since my internship started nearly seven weeks ago, she was going all “Haaaaaaah?!” and “Whattttt?!” when we exchanged news, as we almost ‘competitively’ update each other on who is doing what. It turned out quite amusing, but I cannot bear to imagine how the situation would turn out to be, when we eventually graduate for good and move on with our lives.

After a decade of books, assignments, and examinations – worklife still beckons. For the next thirty years, even.

But that is how it is going to be anyway, is it not?

Shrek 2 was alright. Preferred the first one, though. I felt that Puss In Boots squeal was a bit underused, but the adorable and endearing face of the swashbuckling feline just says it all. Did you stay on when the credits roll?

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