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Alignment: half evil.

Alignment: half evil.

I actually make a very bad liar.

I think it would be a bit better if I could learn how to lie properly, know how to keep a straight face, not blink my eyes, and stare at the other person directly in the eye. It requires a fair bit of play-acting. Unfortunately, I would stammer and the many thoughts in my mind would jumble up almost immediately whenever I attempt to not tell the truth.

I ended up saying “yes” and “no” within a period of ten seconds in reply to the same question, today. I simply could not make up my mind to come up with the ‘right’ answer, which was, interestingly enough – actually correct in both accounts – depending on how you look at it – or so, that is how I comfort myself. However, nobody needs to think twice to know that I was, indeed, telling a lie. I had to cook up additional stories to put myself on the defensive – which were, of course, lies again. Definitely. At least it was a casual friend-to-friend conversation, and not serious business presentations with potential clients.

If I were Pinocchio, my nose would have already knocked and pushed the other person off the chair. Not that I got carried away with my ‘stories’, though.

Good liars do make good actors (one of the many reasons why I will never make it big in showbiz). I am not sure if it happens the other way round.

Yes, we all know that there are certain unavoidable occasions when not telling the truth is necessary; for instance – to throw the other person off the track, or to defend one’s self. With lies, however, also come false hopes, which might proceed to even prolong and complicate the situation. But how do we decide if it is actually worth it to tell a lie, or not?

In any case, how well can you lie to others? Do you almost always get to escape undetected?

- Thief: Deadly Shadows released last week.
- New favourite movie (About A Boy), new favourite movie star (uhm.. embarassingly enough, it is Hugh Grant), and a revival of affection for the movie soundtrack (Damon Gough). Sigh.

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