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Six weeks - that's all it takes.

Six weeks – that’s all it takes.

A relatively bizarre day; depending on how you look at it, though. Of course, we may look at things from different perspectives, and engage in diverse methods to tackle it head on. As for me, it came about more of as a joke, and strangely, it made me feel somewhat more vulnerable than ever. No matter how hard you try to escape and hide from something, there will always be the occassional trivial occurrences that remind you of its existence, serving to reinforce the very thought of the matter into your mind.

Coincidences never fail to amuse me. Things fall into place like clockwork at times – you expect, and almost accept the fact that someday it might (or have to) happen; but you just would not know when, and how.

My day today seemed to revolve heavily around the issue of blogging:

I walked past a semi-celebrity blogger three times. It was almost an achievement of sorts, considering that I do not even get to see her everyday. When I saw her seemingly walking towards me today (to the extent that we almost bumped into each other) I was almost inclined to shout out a timid ‘hi’, but wisely decided against it. I do not think she would appreciate it if I tell her that “I read your blog.” On the other hand, she might not have dropped by in my humble online abode previously.

Later, I was mildly surprised to see a colleague reading a friend’s blog. She noticed that I was sneaking a peek and helpfully added, “You might like him; he’s very sarcastic!” The statement somehow registered in my head that I, too, have been perceived as a person dripping of sarcasm all this while, but anyway… I just had to smile and pretend to not know the fellow blogger. Oh well, if she only knew the other side of the story.

Then, when I got home – there was a mini feature in the tech pullout of today’s newspaper on what else but – blogging.

In short, almost everything today seemed to remind me of what I do when I (attempt to) go online daily: read others’ blogs, and update my own whenever I feel like it. Blogging is no doubt harmless; but I do get worried when it sort of steps over the border and proves to be a bit of… an intrusion, if you will. The last thing I need is to get even more disillusioned by the already-blurred lines separating the real and online world.

That is how it is, having a separate online life. If anything, today’s events sound quite freaky – but also fun, because it left me amused anyway. Either that, or I am easily amused.

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