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I feel very disillusioned, and seem to be hovering aimlessly. I think I will need to plaster a cheerful smile on my face during an outing later. Hopefully, the adorable antics of two toddlers will be able to lift my bleak spirits – even for just a bit.

What could possibly cheer me up now?

Numerable photo-taking opportunities; especially when the skies are clear and blue, with generous specks of white, fluffy clouds.

A few movies I would not mind watching over and over again – if I have the DVDs to it, that is. Then again, there is always the cinema – but the thought of kids coming out in full force during the school holidays is a bit too much to bear.

Probably a bit of slashing and hacking of evil creatures while resuming my long-delayed quests in Icewind Dale 2.

Some really good music; ones that will make me tread lightly and have its infectious tune stuck in my mind all day long.

Reading about Drizzt Do’Urden, although I have yet to finish my Douglas Adams book.

I forget how it is to not having to worry; but there are simply too many things going on in my mind all the time.

My English is deteriorating fast. I am losing my touch. I am probably experiencing brain drain, for I feel mentally exhausted. I have to throw out some of the unpublished layouts done months ago, and recycle some older ones – despite all that, I am beginning to get sick of them. It is always nothing new, and I am beginning to hate my style. Where is inspiration when you need it most?

Excuse me, while I attempt to choose between doing some somersaults or knocking my head on the wall.

Stop whining. Stop complaining. Stop griping. Stop ranting. Cease it!

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