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Lifting it up.

Lifting it up.

I have been reading my previous entries – ones dating back to 2001 – and I sound eerily cheerful in it. Back then, I was still doing online quizzes, publishing the results for all to see, happily rambling on about the day’s activities, with a significant number of italicized statements (because I was, er, talking to myself).

It is interesting to note that over the years, my words have taken on a slightly bitter edge to it. Gone were the days of a kid starting to have a go in a completely new and different environment in university, without much expectations for the real world. I hope I have matured and grown wiser, but someone else would have to have the honour of pointing that out – simply because I cannot judge myself.

Well, after two days, I have finally thought things over (and also received advice, plus words of concern, from other parties – thank you).

If I cannot have control over it, I might as well tolerate it (+1 to constitution) – after all, I am a nobody who does not wield the power necessary to change nor decide things (+1 to wisdom). Why, I am just an easily disgruntled and lowly employee who has way too much stuff going on in her mind lately, making her exceptionally prone to mood swings and sudden outbursts (-1 to strength).

I will follow the examples given as reference, submit my work accordingly, and on time. I will walk in as usual, a fake smile on my face as though it were just another day (+1 to charisma), while in truth I cannot wait for the weekend to come. If anyone else is unsatisfied with the work, well, tough luck – I was only abiding by the rules and examples already set by the leader (-2 to intelligence – yes, an insult to my intelligence). If I seem to be doing more work than anyone else, then let it be – I receive more experience (oh well, only 31000 more to go to Level 5) and get to develop my skills (+5 to mouse dexterity) even more.

Headphones and good music shall come in handy very much for this week (more will saving throws!).

This is suppose to be my month, and I am going to make this – hmm, minor setback a mere squashed fly on the window.

(Was I convincing enough?)

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