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This has been a really odd week. And it is only Tuesday.

Things just seem to drop out from the skies, raining onto you.

Actually, raindrops are beautiful – sometimes. They need only the golden rays of the sun to glimmer like soft jewels floating down from the sky.

Rain or shine.

Rain and shine.

I wonder how certain things come together. Nothing gives; they just do. Not exactly hand-in-hand, but they belong to each other anyway. Partners they may be, yet they are as different as light and day.

Then again, the phrase ‘opposites attract’ cannot be coined without reason. An action to reaction. An unconscious development to an established foundation. It builds up unknowingly when you think it is as good as gone, then smacks right back into your face with the most obvious solution – a solution that you have been trying to avoid all along.

In short, an option that was never an option has to become the only option there is.

Why, do you think all puzzle pieces will definitely make up a picture? It is possible that it is made up of two, or more. We make it become one.

Alanis may have her own version of irony; but so do I.

It is like getting six free tickets to movies that you cannot go to.

It is like going to a gathering that you had been trying to steer clear from.

Things fall, and they fall into place.

But not always.

Ah, the unpredictableness of it all.

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