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When you are not green anymore.

When you are not green anymore.

Listening to music while at work has been quite therapeutic, albeit only slightly.

How do you give your self-confidence a boost, or get a generous dosage of faith to last you for the day? Convince yourself by receiving words of encouragement from others? Give yourself a pat on the back, will that do?

You could attempt to be very confident and chant to yourself that “I can walk right through this wall, emerge at the other side, and get hitched with the neighbour’s son”. Or stare intently at the glass of chocolate milk on the table, giving it your utmost concentration, directing all focus into it – just so it could topple over and make a mess on your evil aunt’s much loved Persian rug a la little Matilda.

But would it really happen?

Or are we limited to only things that can be realized and achieved? Forget about wanting to jump into the pages of your favourite fantasy novel to battle ferocious black dragons (or should it be black ferocious dragons?) side by side with the hero. You do not even need to think about getting onto a suspicious-looking machine fondly (but rather unoriginally) dubbed the ‘Time Machine’ by an eccentric inventor. Put aside all hopes of riding the rainbow and finding a generous pot of gold at the end of it. These only happen in the movies. Or do they really?

Then again, if we do not go ahead and dream about the impossible, no one would have set foot in the moon – or even venture outer space, for that matter. The Wright brothers may have continue folding paper airplanes and setting it off over high cliffs, watching dreamily – and we would all have to be content with traveling to distant countries by water, taking up very much of our precious time.

Some people believe very much in the things that they do – but how much, and how far can you go?

Truth is, many things that have been considered very much impossible to achieve previously, have been realized.

It is all in the mind, perhaps.

Now, if someone can just tell me that it will be perfectly alright and safe for me to drive alone to and from work (or heck – anywhere else). I get intimidated easily by the number of cars on the road, the motorcycles swishing left and right whenever they feel like it, and drivers that seem to think that the whole stretch of the highway belongs to no one else but them, and them alone. Maybe listening to the radio might prove to be a bit helpful. I tried saying “I can do it” but I kept getting distracted.

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