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Too much cheese.

Too much cheese.

I do not get it.

What is the deal with Gmail? Okay, so it is 1gb worth of space up for grabs for your mail. It would probably take two years’ worth of emails to reach that amount of space before you had no other choice but to have selected emails sent to the trash can. Of course, it would take very much less than that if your inbox were to be (eventually) invaded by hundreds of advertisments, spam and junk mail – daily.

For some reason or another, a few people I know who have Gmail accounts consider themselves as a bunch of elitists. Suddenly, it is very much a big deal to have a Gmail account. You suck if you do not. I can conquer the Internet because I have one. Yakkity yak. Next step is to inform everyone that, well, hey! I have got Gmail! You do not have one? Too bad.

Of course, I am not saying that everyone likes to show off their Gmail accounts, parading them like prized pets, basking in its glory. It annoyed very much, however, when I kept hearing the words “I have Gmail!” for more than five times in an hour. Okay, I did not actually bother to count the number of times the phrase was repeated by the same person; but it still irked me.

Personally, I think that it is quite inappropriate if someone else reaps the profits by selling off their invites. Were you involved in the coding? Are you paying for the service? Did you contribute your time, sweat and tears to make it work? How does that put you in a position to auction off your invites, getting cash in return for something you got for free? You do not need to work out the calculations to decide if it were unjust, or not.

Actually, I do not think that the guys in Google are making a big deal out of it. If they do, there would be hundreds of lawsuits filed against unsuspecting individuals all over the world who attempt to make money out of their Gmail invites. In fact, those involved in the Gmail project might be watching with amusement, finding it hilarious on how the world reacts to Gmail.

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