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Five weeks.

Five weeks.

Ah, hypocrites. They sure spice up our lives, do they not? Some of them just do not get it. How utterly pretentious can they be?

It would be better to leave them alone, although they can really get on our nerves sometimes. I found myself rolling my eyes, purposely turning away, with the words “Yeah, right, speaking of yourself?” echoing in my head. It gets to a point where it annoys me immensely, probably painting a visibly sour and bitter colour for my aura in the air around me. Everything else that happens after that will fail to please me. Then again, I am hard to please.

Really, some people should start looking at themselves in the mirror first, before they have the audacity to criticise and condemn others. It is just so strange to hear them coming up with such bashing and discouraging statements when the words could, in turn, be applied to those who uttered it in the first place as well. Inwardly, you feel like shaking your head and attempting your best in giving them a comeback statement that will have them shut their mouths for the rest of their lives (“What, did you not realise that you just gave a very fitting description of yourself? You should have it jotted down somewhere.”)

Could there possibly be any way to wake them up? Could there possibly be any way to wake myself up?

I am extremely looking forward to the free time I will (or, might) have when my internship ends soon. No more work commitments to fulfil. No more work-related problems to bombard my head with. No more evil fantasies of attempting to rise up the ranks. No more having to follow and apply another’s designs into your work for the sake of uniformity, no matter how horrible you think it is. No more phone calls to have to answer. No more worries.

Oh well.

I have a feeling I will soon be bestowed with the moniker Evil Snobbish Girl in my workplace.

If Alanis could only come up with an album that is in par with her Jagged Little Pill days…

On air now: Excuses, Alanis Morissette

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