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Going good might be bad.

Going good might be bad.

“You’ve heard of Keane?” he asked incredulously, as though I suddenly sport antennas at the back of my head.

“Why not?” I cannot resist but counter acidly. Then again, I actually did not know how to answer the question. Why can I not have heard of the band, anyway?

Indeed, why not?

What – is there something stamped or written on my face, that says I listen to something that you would have heard of, too – or mandarin pop music, boy bands, and the like? Does my facial features actually suggest the type of music that I listen to?

I was particularly annoyed by that question, but I was not sure if there was stereotyping of any sort involved. Just because I am quiet and unassuming does not mean that I know next to nothing about music. If anything, I might have misinterpreted the question as an insult. It came from someone who I have a certain degree of dislike for, anyway.

Really, does listening to particular genres of music necessarily mould you into who you would eventually become? Does the music make you – or do you make the music come to you?

Actually, I am quite alarmed by the fact that I am listening to music of a mellower kind. It is a new direction I seem to be heading to, at the moment. Some may say that it suits my personality well (if you know me well enough, that is) – but this is almost like a 360-degree turn. Not that it is not a good thing, but it feels… different. I was ‘known’ for listening to rock music, which was labeled ‘noisy’ by my former roommates. This change might make them raise an eyebrow.

Changes are no good. Or so Tim Fletcher sings.

I stumbled upon a new band today.

They make me want to join a rock band.

They make me want to jump out of my chair and start dancing.

They renewed my persistence in getting a guitar for myself, just so I can learn to play their songs.

They make me realize that there is still hope, after all.

It was really, really, beautiful, listening to the new album from Kings of Convenience. This one comes highly recommended – I hope they will get the recognition that they rightly deserve (I know I sound a bit pathetic here).

I still wish I could discover more good music though – and not only Brit rock.

Thankfully, I have friends with eclectic tastes in music. It helped a lot – I would not want to be the only one who is still listening to format radio stations and bouncing along to Justin or Beyonce. Now, that sent a shudder or two down my spine…

(Rudy, are you here?)

On air now: This Is The Last Time, Keane

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