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And it's a lonely end that you will come to.

And it’s a lonely end that you will come to.

There are times when I wish that my days could be a bit more exciting. For years I have been going through the monotonous routine of waking up early to catch the bus to school, and coming home to face nothing else but more school books, homework, and tuition classes. Then came university life, which proved to be somewhat different, though not by much – the three years, however, was said to have widened my perspectives and pointed me to a favourable direction.

I cannot be Jack Bauer, although it would be interesting to go through such exhilarating events in one day – only within a span of twenty four hours, just as he does. The thought of having to risk your life and limb for the sake of work does not really hit it in my head, though.

Right now, I can pretty much imagine how my later years would be – that is, heading to work at nine in the morning, and reaching home only when everyone else is deep in slumberland, provided I do not have to spend a night in the office.

Then again, perhaps life could be made exciting with eye-opening revelations. Simple things like getting a stalk of blue rose on your desk, on one beautiful morning. Getting stuck in the elevator with a celebrity, and struggling to stifle a giggle as she proceeds to throw a childish tantrum within the enclosed space. Being reunited with a long lost friend while browsing through the largest bookstore in the country, after almost a decade of not meeting up with each other.

I clicked on a link yesterday, and got to someone’s blog – my cousin’s, who is about four years younger than me. He was always the quiet and brooding one (very much like me, if I can say so myself) whenever we meet up for family gatherings. Therefore, I was very much surprised at the teenage angst displayed on his blog (and damn, he writes well). If you happen to be reading this – well, not to worry – I am very much impressed by your selection of music.

We will just go back to living our own lives, now.

Well, yes – I do love the television series 24.

On air now: Your Eyes Open, Keane

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