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The lovely blue has returned; almost.

The lovely blue has returned; almost.

I was this close to succumbing to the temptation.

There has not even been a day that I will fail to notice my colleagues logging in to a particular website with the distinct grey columns, in the office. Often come the complaints that so-and-so have still not written them testimonials, to which they will either promise with an “Okay, okay: I’ll do it tonight!” or ocassionally, “I thought I had already written you a testimonial!”.

I lost count of the number of times people have asked if I am a member of Friendster. They gave me gasps and odd looks when I replied with a mere no. They would usually be not satisfied with my answer, and demand an explanation for that.

“Why you don’t have Friendster ah?”

Then it happened.

I stood up, heaved a wistful sigh, and began the long story of Why Strizzt Usually Wants To Run Away At The Mention of the Word ‘Friendster’.

Nah, not really.

What happened was: for a moment there, I actually contemplated signing up, get an account, and jump on the bandwagon – just so to avoid lengthy questions. Well, perhaps I will have the same enjoyment as they do, too: logging in (and out) everyday, reading (and writing) testimonials, laughing at others’ pictures, reading their corny or funny profiles, competing at the number of ‘friends’ they own.

I began to place the cursor on the address bar of my browser.

Signing up could be a breezy process. Adding and accepting friends, however, may prove to be a bit of a problem…

It is just too much of a fuss. And scary.

No. This is so not going to happen.

It is a wonder I do not get schizophrenia yet. Now I feel like kicking myself for even considering getting a Friendster account.

I guess I am just going to remain blissfully in ignorance.

I am not missing out on anything, am I?

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