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Two weeks.

Two weeks.

I think I have pretty much worked out where three months’ worth of measely pay from work will be going to.

I had high hopes regarding the issue of ceiling prices for music CDs. Not very high, but high enough to have me anticipate launching myself into a shopping spree, sweeping all twenty-something music CDs in my wishlist and adding them into the rack of my small but intimate (haha!) CD collection. Instead of implementing ceiling prices, a sale of sorts on music CDs and movie DVDs, to be held twice annually, has been proposed. Whether that will eventually happen is anybody’s guess.

Then there is the urge of putting a long-delayed plan into motion. I am quite adamant in getting a guitar – for good, this time (hopefully). I simply need to slash this item off my wishlist. Sore fingers, here I come. A whole month dedicated to cluelessly strumming the guitar may not make me a Charlotte Hatherly and qualify as a member of a rock band, but heck – a guitar is a guitar.

Unless, of course, I eventually decide to extend my contract and continue for another month at my workplace – just to kill time before I resume my studies in uni. The Boss is open to negotiations on the terms and conditions to get me to stay for a bit, but I am not exactly sure about that myself. After all, I am dying to get out of there – reinserting myself could spell suicide, and scream bloody murder.

What the heck am I doing?

One thing for sure, it is going to feel really strange to be heading back to uni after that brief working stint. Final year projects beckon, and the thought of it is not very enticing.

Man, it is July already. The past few months have been a blur.

I give a little squeal whenever Tom Chaplin appears on television – his chubby, chipmunk-like cheeks are a bit difficult to resist. Sure, they are getting overrated. Might as well enjoy them while it lasts.

Rap music do not leave me easily amused. I still cannot figure out why I feel as though I could laugh my head off whenever I listen to The Streets.

This, is awesome. Very, very, awesome (hey, where did disc 7 disappear to?).

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