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Two days missing.

Two days missing.

I have been driving to work for more than a month now. Driving is still not an activity as natural as breathing to me, but I reckon I have been doing fine. This is something I have yet to get used to.

What, you enjoy driving? I do not. Try joining the slow crawl back home every weekday, and you will know why.

One thing about being out on the road that gets on my nerves, though:

People who do not use their indicators when they switch lanes.

Into my lane, in particular.

I was in the middle lane, a tad bit grumpy that I had to leave late on a Friday night for the fourth consecutive week, when I noticed that a car ahead of me seemed to be inching closer to mine from the left. No right indicators doing a blink, blink. I was not driving that fast either, but judging from the distance between both our cars, I would have to press really hard on the brakes just to stop in time, and risk getting a bloodcurdling screech of tyres piercing the cool night air.

So I had to swerve a little to the right to avoid the incoming car. A small Kancil, however, was fast approaching from the right lane. It gave a warning honk.

I know, I know! But that car from the left…!

I only managed a timid honk in response – it was the first time I ever had to resort to using it – partly to remind the car to my left of my… humble presence, perhaps.

“Hello? You are still eating into my lane!” Perhaps there will come a time when PA systems are introduced for vehicles other than ambulances.

I think if you were to look down from a helicopter, you would notice that I was being sandwiched between two cars. Three cars utilising two lanes of a four-lane highway.

Thankfully, we pulled it off safe and sound. Lucky buggers…

So yes, I was at fault, too. I should learn to use the car horn more. Something we could consider picking up from the drivers in China or India, who swish in and out of traffic as easily as they change clothes, all the while honking madly, making one or two pedestrians hop backwards (albeit hesitantly) onto the pavement.

On another note, I finally gathered enough guts to make away with the Sex and the City calendar that I had been eying for the past few weeks. It looks really nice. Glossy pages, and beautiful shots of all four ladies. It comes with colourful, unused stickers with various labels such as ‘Meetings’, ‘My Day Off’, ‘Birthdays’ and ‘Hot Date’. Not that the stickers could have done me any good to me anyway.

I still think it would have been much better use to me if it were not made for the year 2004…

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