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Before you learn how to rock, you learn to rollerskate.

Before you learn how to rock, you learn to rollerskate.

I stumbled upon an interesting discovery today.

We learn it in school. It is easy for the brain to work it out, because it is straight to the point and does not beat around the bush. Sometimes the meaning can go both ways and still not come up with any sort of miscommunication whatsoever.

If A equals B (A = B), then chances are high that B is the same as A (B = A) as well.

Should you feel musically inclined, however, you would have to disregard certain ‘miscalculations’ made by musicians such as Radiohead’s 2 + 2 = 5 and Badly Drawn Boy’s 1 + 1 = 1. But I digress (argh, how cliched).

Nevertheless, there are always exceptions, one of them being this:

If you are a quiet and subtle person who prefers very much to maintain a safe distance from the limelight, chances are that you would automatically be regarded as pompous and arrogant. In fact, I am surprised that it has not been categorised also as a synonym by the powers that be.

Funny how it does not work the other way: as in, snobbish people being labeled quiet.

Thus: quiet = snobbish, but this is based solely on Strizzt’s Theory of Irrelativity.

I tried to take the mockery in stride, but I think it works best with a generous dosage of ignorance. I had – oh, a wonderful time to keep myself from exploding and raining fiery insults back at you. I am not sorry that you did not get an opportunity to know me better. My time there is nearly done – so thank you and goodbye.

Damn, I sure complain a lot these days. The Whine Club welcomes new members and is now open for registration.

Oh, worry not. This will pass. tries to smile innocently

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