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From a band fondly welcomed back to the fold after being lost in the dream, to another that would have gone virtually unknown, save for a chance meeting at a website named after a farming tool…

It must have been a slow year music-wise, for I do not yet know for sure what my favourite album for 2014 will be. Yes, there may already be a few in line for the crown, but at times like these, it seems unthinkable to look so far ahead when the past has yet to be.

There are the ones that simply give you the feels – screaming pure euphoria even for just a moment, as carefree notes and minute staccatos dance lightly upon your skin.

Then there are the ones that pull you deeper into gloom – a gathering storm over the horizon, making more woe of yesterday’s flaws and drowning you further in today’s sorrows.

And there are the ones that you care absolutely nothing for – simply breezing you by, unaware, unnoticed and unloved, as you spend another four minutes of your lifetime functioning on autopilot mode.

No sooner than that and it all begins to fade into nothingness. Like a love song tirelessly played to kingdom come, it numbs and strips all of its intended meaning, leaving you no better than when it first started.

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