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Never mind.

Having been pelted with words harsh and unkind, there is not much fiery imagination left to the mind. For we sail indeed in waters that bite, even as we slowly disappear out of sight.

Hopeless and useless as one can be, there is no more salvation as far as the eyes can see.

Already a failure, but not yet a loser.

So it is tempting, yes, to draw these old and faded curtains to a close, and buy a brand new one of colours sparkling gold and red as a rose.

Oh, but to again have that sense of pure wonderment and child-like naivety wash over you from head to toe; nothing a sudden rush of goosebumps and a furiously beating heart could not tide you through.

Perhaps it is time to simply dust it all away with a kiss off into the air, and quietly start over without much fanfare.

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