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Blink. Lightning crashes. A snap of the finger. And here we are again, staring blankly at the face of the sixth month of the year.

Disgraced starlets, fallen heroes and crying firstborns; secret hideouts, open windows and a pair of black, shiny boots so well worn, you would think they have been all over the world and back again. Twice.

The journey to get here has been tumultuous to say the least, and yet the intended destination is still far out of reach of many. The much longed for fast-forward button, even if made available, may not have been able to work its magic to the fullest; there are mountains too high to climb, oceans too deep to cross, lands too vast to tread on.

Then again, we make but only a small dent in this big bang of a universe; a tiny speck of dust floating through the only golden stream of sunlight. This is an equation that hardly does any justice in the law of mathematics, for we are here not by design but by necessity, in order to take on a mission unknown to humanity.

We could have stopped and smelled the roses, but weekends that go by too swiftly simply ought to be outlawed.

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