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Digital rain.

There was that fond sense of familiarity usually associated with finally meeting a long-lost friend, but goosebumps continued to race along my skin during that recent one weekend.

I could still remember the lines as clear as day, right down to the exact words that they would say.

I could still recall the scenes that would come next, aside from some nagging moments that left me perplexed.

And yet, it felt as though I was watching the movies for the very first time. There was plenty of noodle baking over outright fiction, despicable truths and virtual realities; some mind-numbing dialogues paired by countless jaw-dropping visuals; and the occasional adrenaline rush that came with gravity-defying stunts seemingly reserved only for super flexible yoga practitioners.

It could be that I was looking at them from a different perspective; with the eyes of one that is now older, wiser and burdened with all the worries in the world – in stark contrast to the younger, careless and unscrupulous teenager I once was.

But watching the movie trilogy at one sitting, back to back, makes it a wholesome new experience from start to end – like a secret coming of age, or the completion of a certain rite of passage. Of course, it soon became apparent that I had invested more than just six hours of my time, for at some point, it finally dawned on me that it has been fifteen years since the release of the first movie.

Fifteen long years.

Was I ever that young once?

Now that was mindblowing.

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