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Divulge to indulge.

We let on far more than we intended to.

Those first impressions and second guesses become one with the wind after one mere harmless peek at a social network profile; from marital status and age, to preferred fast food joint and favourite childhood toy, to the finest red wine ever had – it spills exactly everything and hides absolutely nothing.

While I must admit that I hardly feel guilty at having done my due diligence, I am getting increasingly troubled by the overloading of such trivial details into my already-tired brain, and the emotional anxiety that is soon to begin in the lead-up to the next four-eyed meeting.

Because all I can see before me now is a big, shiny bottle of pinot noir – uncorked and slightly chilled, ready to be drunk on a balmy Sunday evening, because apparently that is how you like it best.

Likewise, the same could actually be said about these many written words here, which have (mostly) been carefully crafted over a period of twelve years and more. I am aware that they may either portray me as an individual so tellingly vulnerable that you could have pointed me out from a police line-up without any hesitation whatsoever; or simply paint me as a translucent and nameless online being that ceases to exist as soon as you hit the exit button of your browser.

And I am quite happy to live with knowledge of the latter.

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