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Won a battle; yet to lose the war.

Won a battle; yet to lose the war.

I marveled at the beauty of the blue sky as the sun gently broke through the lightly-scattered fluffy clouds after the ocassional evening shower; and for a while everything seemed fine. Everything seemed so right. Everything could not have been better.

How much of everything would be everything, though?

(I can actually see some of you rolling your eyes, as this is turning out to be yet another entry about me singing praises about blue skies, twinkling stars, and muddy ditches.)

It would have been wonderful to just lie down on the ground right there and then, to the smell of the wet green grass, and to the birds chirping merrily nearby. To make out if the speck of cloud on the right resembled a ball of yarn being unraveled by the tail-less kitten on the left. To feel that cool breeze tenderly caressing your cheeks.

That thought lasted for only a mere five seconds. Then it was back to joining the traffic crawl back home.

I cannot believe that after all those criticisms and gripings done (to the extent that perhaps the name Whineglass might have suited this website better), I am having second thoughts about leaving the workplace – mainly because a whole month of boredom did not sound very enticing (apparently the guitar was not available yet, because the particular model was out of stock – eh?).

As if to add fuel to the fire, The Boss had to sweet talk me into believing that I can help spur the company to greater heights. I was certainly not expecting that.

Well, that is how it is. That is how unpredictable the odds might turn either against you, or to your favour.

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