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Eight years and done.

Goodbyes are always the hardest.

Not writing for a month was strangely liberating to say the least. Times like this, I am relieved that there can only be a grand total of one person who may have seen this, and I am confident that it all starts and ends with me: I write, review, read and then quietly file it into a shady corner of my brain. In the meantime, the third rock from the sun nonchalantly continues spinning on its axis; tree leaves invariably start turning into the warmest of colours come the fall season; and the biggest bands on the planet fearlessly strive to put out their groundbreaking new releases, though usually to much varied results.

To be honest, October had not treated me very well. I did have plenty on my plate, and sadly this included having to say farewell to the many good people I used to see and talk to at work every day.

I knew saying goodbye would surely be difficult, but I did not think it would be this hard. The whole month was full of pressing questions, knowing looks, awkward laughter, silent sighs and open secrets – all leading to a teary finale as I walked through the doors for the very last time.

In any case, I still have my doubts and misgivings; sometimes I wonder if this was a decision made out of natural spontaneity or pure spite. But it is too late for any of that now – a new adventure is about to begin, and only time will tell if I will sail towards a beckoning sunset, or drown midway in unforgiving waters.

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