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Imperfect rhetoric.

The moon and the stars were in perfect alignment. A minute delayed and we would have missed it all; a second too soon and we would have been happier than before.

The skies had also chosen to open up at that very moment and wash us all off the very grounds we were standing on. It had all seemed like a very bad joke, initially made to mock but inadvertently leaving us at a gridlock.

But is ignorance really bliss?

The waiting game continues, although I have been on tenterhooks all this year – first for this and now for that. It is an uncomfortable state of mind to be in: to willingly resign your fate to the decisions of others, and to voluntarily put your life on hold for what may not even come. So it surprises me that I am grudgingly giving it another go, one last time.

These dreams; you hang them out to dry in the sun and they come back to you like a wilted rose, very much defeated and close to death. These hopes; you bring them out to fly and they come back to you like a returning boomerang, very much a vessel of empty words and broken promises.

But how can I work on keeping them alive?

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