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Sunset waiting.

A lone golden ray of the sun may at first be seen as a slim sliver of a hope, but the heavy grey clouds and the torrential downpour that came right after has washed away all remaining traces of optimism.

Not that there was much to begin with, anyway. Of course, those half-empty glasses hardly matter anymore; they have become downright bare and clean to the bone, like a vacant hotel room without a working telephone.

Truth be told, the futility of it all has been simply astounding.

Like a new train that has jumped off the tracks and veered way off its destination, despite having been flagged off for its maiden trip to full pomp and ceremony; or a random game of darts that has now turned into a knife through the heart – they tease and taunt ceaselessly, plaguing you with doubts as you begin to celebrate the glories of your many failures.

Well, at least with all cards already dealt with and used, there is nothing more left to lose. The aces of aces has been given away, so what else is there to say?

I give up.

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