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Bright night lights.

Of course, trouble still found me in the end.

I cannot remember the last time I actually popped a physical CD into a music player.

Heck, the CD has now become the new cassette – simply referred to as a thing of the past, and perhaps best left hidden behind tall music shelves and our cringeworthy karaoke selves.

But if we are able to leaf through the pages of a book from start to finish, why can we not treat a music album the same way too? After all, they both do share with us their very own brand of stories, and keep us away from the harshest of enemies. For in this day and age, most of us have already fully embraced the power of digital downloads, opting instead to play fancy minute singles rather than fulfilling complete albums.

So it is a wonder that I still willingly subscribe to this obviously very dated method of honouring my favourite musicians, in playing my role to ensure that they will still have a chance at continuing their chosen trade for many more years to come.

Besides, nothing quite beats the welcome sight of a long-awaited package finally arriving at your doorstep, after having tirelessly traversed halfway through the world with nothing else but a solid one-way ticket. It bears an obvious testament as to just how much closer we now are to the furthest reaches of the earth.

But maybe – just maybe – I will be singing a different tune in five years’ time. We will never know.

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