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I wouldn't mind to put the kettle on for you.

I wouldn’t mind to put the kettle on for you.

It is always hard to have to say ‘no’ to a friend.

It is especially more so difficult when at the other end of the line, three friends juggled with the phone, pleading endlessly, forcing me to say yes to a request.

I stood my ground, apologising and saying no. I told them my reasons for not complying with their request, and I could hear one of them refraining from laughing out loud. Gee, apparently my excuse was that amusing to them. Well, I certainly do not think so – not when it involves human lives (now I made it sound as though it were a biggie – in actuality it was a very simple request, although it really does concern human lives), and I do not want to treat it lightly. Sometimes, having done it once, they would think that you can do it again for a second time. And a third. And so forth.

“Could you kindly get me a cup of coffee, add in only two spoonfuls of brown sugar, then stir it anti-clockwise with a fork?”


“Hey, mate, I have to be out impressing this girl tonight. Could you finish my Maths homework for me?”


“Go jump off a bridge for me.”

Why, no problem.

Apparently being friends means that no matter what, you will have to help them out. Not doing so will definitely put a strain in the relationship, and chances are that – well, you would not appear very much to them as a ‘friend’, anymore.

Having not helped them out surely would have painted me in a bad light. I kept thinking about it that night; but now, I am just too tired to give a damn about it. My last day in the workplace is fast approaching (albeit the fact that I have to extend a few more days) – they can put a dung bomb under my chair for all I care. I had better get used to enduring razor sharp stares, awkward conversations, and more persistent questions of why could I not have gone to their rescue that day.


Saying no can be such a burden.

While watching the latest episode of The Amazing Race with She Who Asks Incessant Movie Questions:

“They look like twins.”

“Well, that’s because they are twins,” I confirmed that observation of hers.

“Don’t they know that the cameraman is filming them?”

“Uhmm, duuuuuuuuuhhh,” I retorted. I recall having given her a similar response during a Survivor episode.

“Well, they’re acting like they don’t see him.”

“They’re too busy with the race to pay attention to the cameraman, my dear,” I replied with a faked niceness of sorts to my voice.

“Couldn’t they have just asked the cameraman for directions on getting there, instead of running around in circles?”

By then, I felt as if I could have packed my bags and ran a million miles to join the race, just to avoid answering her questions (and subsequently winning the million bucks, of course).

On air now: Parallel Lines, Kings of Convenience

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