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You didn't see me, I was falling apart.

Unbelievable. In a span of just ten weeks, I have seen a lifelong dream crashed and burned into pieces in the sea, and yet to get over a massive disappointment that has resulted in my heart being callously and cruelly squeezed every day without mercy.

I am also now missing a lunch partner at work, but that sounds particularly trivial in the face of recent happenings; much like a part-time janitor having to discreetly melt into the background, while a distressed teenager is made to gather whatever is left of her courage to confront a bunch of perky sorority sisters, whose makeup-laden eyes have unerringly sought her out as they march down narrow high school corridors.

But I have since come to learn that this song speaks volumes to me in these times of need, and that I should probably stop feeling helpless and emptied.

So one day, I am going to turn that piece of illustration into something more permanent – perhaps a framed poster against a wall forever peeling paint, or a t-shirt with a message quirky and inane; and possibly have it with me until my end of days, a grim reminder of a year that could have been.

We are only now up to June, but victory should be mine to savour soon.

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