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Even in today’s day and age, we still have these big, bad, dreams that get unceremoniously smothered and then unmercilessly sliced into mere smithereens, becoming instantly unrecognisable from the form from whence they once were.

Monumental decisions – ones that can either make, or break, you – seem to always lie in the hands of a few select individuals who probably have yet to fully understand that rare set of powers newly bestowed to them. More often than not, they appear suddenly, nameless and without faces – only to later disappear without leaving any traces.

It is funny how a thousand many things can be undone with just a simple but honest answer. Watching it all unfold from the sidelines may just prove to be an unintended source of amusement for some: it is like seeing a bumbling clown making his rounds among the audience, dangerously weaving in and out of many aisles armed with nothing else but a fat gooseberry pie; but expecting – and then knowing – that the pie will hit you with a resounding smack on your face, whether with absolute comic timing or not, hardly makes it any less hurtful.

So today, we are here not because we have come without fervour, nor have we been graceless without ambition. We are here because our fates are not for us only to decide.

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